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Tolland County, Where Old Meets New

Tolland County is located in the beautiful northeastern part of Connecticut and contains the Hartford metropolitan area. Also known as home to the main campus of the University of Connecticut, residents of Tolland County are able to enjoy consistently top ranked mens and womens NCAA basketball programs, as well as local cultural events, rich history, and the latest technology. Welcome home to the Conn area known as Tolland County.

About Tolland County

Tolland County, Connecticut is made up of several small towns that each offer their own unique flavor of excitment, culture, and entertainment. Tolland County is unified in its approach to putting its residents first, and throughout the Tolland County area you will find abundant natural beauty and charming history adjacent to the latest technology, businesses, and conveniences.

Things To Do

Tolland County offers something for everyone, from the numerous challenging golf courses to family fun, theatre, beautiful lakes and picturesque town centers, you will be able to find everything and anything you need or want in the Tolland County area. There is wonderful local and upscale shopping, as well as malls and department stores. With the wide variety of restaurants at your finger tps, you are sure to find something to please whatever mood your in, from casual dining to fine gourment, you will find the perfect backdrop to whatever type of day or night you want to enjoy.

Move To Tolland County

When you choose to buy Tolland County real estate, you not only get to enjoy a variety of entertainment, you also get to walk through history on the way. Relocating to Tolland County may feel overwhelming because there are so many lovely towns and communities to choose from, but don't worry. Simply let us know what you are looking for in your new home and we will help you find the perfect Tolland County home for sale.  We specialize in real estate and will be helpful whether you are buying or need to sell a home before buying.  Give us a click or call today to have all your real estate questions answered.

Northeastern Connecticut's rolling hills of Tolland County offer a tranquil retreat for residents seeking New England charm within an easy commute of major metro areas!

Explore Tolland County, CT:

  • Bolton
  • Columbia
  • Coventry
  • Ellington
  • Hebron
  • Mansfield
  • Stafford
  • Storrs
  • Tolland
  • Union
  • Vernon
  • Willington

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Neighborhoods and Condo Buildings

Andover Lake Beach
$150,000 - $700,000
$150,000 - $700,000
$150,000 - $700,000
$150,000 - $700,000
$150,000 - $200,000
Sq Ft: 1,000 - 1,250
$200,000 - $250,000
Sq Ft: 1,250 - 1,750
$200,000 - $900,000
$100,000 - $150,000
Sq Ft: 600 - 1,250

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