Do You Know What Happens During a Connecticut Home Inspection?

Understanding the Inspection Process

Home inspections are for the most part an absolute must...even for new home construction. The primary purpose for a home inspection is to protect your Connecticut home buying interest. During a typical home inspection, your inspector will perform a complete review and check of every system of the home including:
  • The HVAC System (Heat & AC)
  • The plumbing system
  • The electrical system
  • The roof
  • Any and all appliances that convey with the property
  • The foundation
  • The exterior siding and windows
  • The septic system
  • The water flow
  • The water quality

Home Inspectors may recommend further inspections based on their assessment of the property. For older homes built before the late 1960s, inspectors will also inspect these homes for asbestos and lead paint contamination.

What You Should Know About a Home Inspection

Following the inspection of your home, you will receive a detailed copy of the inspection report. If you are a first-time home buyer, please bear in mind that no home is perfect. Even new homes have defects and problems. With that said, a typical home inspection report will identify each system inspected and speak to the results of the inspection. Following the inspection, you have several options as a Connecticut home buyer. You can:

  • Negotiate with the seller how to handle the repairs.
  • Walk away from the purchase if you feel the defects are too extensive.
  • Have repairs made if the seller agrees to pay for all of them.
  • There are also options for the seller and they may elect to only repair certain items identified on the report.

Your Connecticut Area Home Buying Expert

Remember, we are your Mansfield Storrs, CT and university area home buying experts, and it is our mission to protect your home buying interest. Our goal is help you purchase your home in the time period you desire, and at a price that fits your budget. Managing the details of your Connecticut real estate transaction on your behalf, we will work diligently to eliminate anything going wrong at the last minute. That helps you buy with confidence!

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