Connecticut Home Buying Tips

Tips for the Home Buyer

Buying real estate in the current market is more complicated than ever before.  Today's luxury, residential and lakefront buyers are looking for value, and many of the high end properties offer exceptional buying opportunities. 
As luxury, residential and lakefront specialists, Tom and Elaine Burns are well known for their exceptional service and knowledge of the areas best properties in sought after locations. Their vast knowledge of the UConn and ESCU communities, Connecticut Lakes and the Greater Hartford area will help you when it is time to make decisions about purchasing real estate in Connecticut.
 Whether you may have bought and sold many properties or this is your first CT purchase, buying a Connecticut home will be an exceptional  and successful experience with The Burns Real Estate Group.  We understand and appreciate that we are here to help you succeed!

Below are a few timely buying tips to help you make the smartest home purchase possible.

  • First - Financing options - Tom and Elaine Burns have a team of trusted advisors and experts in the mortgage industry to give you the best information and advice to perfectly suit your unique home purchase needs.
  • Select a real estate agent you can trust. Contact us, The Burns Real Estate Group for  an interview at our office.  You will more than likely be working with your chosen real estate advisor for many months, taking the time for a meeting to discuss your plans, time frames, etc. is easy and important.
  • Secure a loan  with a letter from a trusted lending consultant. We know top professional mortgage experts in this area who specialize in securing the best rates and terms for our clients home purchases.
  • Be thoughtful about what you are looking for - Identify your home buying wants and needs. "Wants" are those features you desire in your new home. "Needs" are defined as features you cannot live without.
  • Now you can begin your Residential, Luxury, UConn area, CT Lake area or surrounding Connecticut areas home search. Start here!
  • We have made a significant investment in this custom website - this is not a cookie cutter, free, "company website" that you will typically see. A very small percentage of Realtors make this kind of investment, but because we understand how much the internet has changed real estate and that over 80% of buyers begin their real estate searches on-line, we know it is important it is to provide you with the best, most comprehensive information available. 
  • This is absolutely critical for you as a buyer. When you begin your preliminary search online, be sure to search for homes for sale that fit your criteria, use the simple tools included in the custom search tool on this website for the locations and amenities your desire.  When you need help, or to schedule an appointment to meet with us and preview properties, please contact Tom and Elaine Burns by phone 860-429-2853 or by email
  • Once you’ve found the right home, with the right amenities, we will provide you with a market analysis (CMA) to ensure the home is accurately priced.
  • Based on the real estate market conditions and the market analysis, make an offer including the standard and customary terms for the area you are buying a home in.  This will include the amount of earnest money and all terms and conditions of the purchase clearly stated in the offer. An agent experienced with the quality of properties you are looking for will be able to advise you of terms that will protect your interests and yet allow you to move forward smoothly through the process.
  • Secure a quality home inspection and work with your Realtor throughout the process, there will be a customary time period to discuss any and all issues if they do arise and knowing what to expect  will make it an easier process.
  • Enjoy!  Take your time, buy a great property and savor the experience and the great opportunities in real estate available to you!

The CT Real Estate Move Up Experts

We live in a wonderful area and love living in Connecticut.  In fact, we help many buyers move up to luxury and lakefront homes in the Tolland County, Hartford County and Windham County areas. The Burns Real Estate Group are luxury and lakefront experts for a large geographic Connecticut area because the properties are so specific and may require a more comprehensive search.  We also specialize in the UConn and ESCU university areas. Please use the Connecticut Area Home Finder Assistant to help you locate that perfect move up home.

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