Price Range: $100,000 - $550,000
Area Type: Town

If you are lured by bright lights, big cities, and fast traffic, then Union, CT is not the place for you.  People looking to relocate to Union, CT are people looking for a simpler way of life and a slower pace while being able to grow your own garden and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Union is not a huge city, but actually has the smallest town population in a 29.9 square-mile area in CT.  However, if you ever want to visit a larger city, Union is situated the same distance from Hartford, CT and Worchester, Mass, making it easy to reach other towns.  This beautiful community has the state’s highest elevation, east of the Connecticut River. 

What Makes Connecticut’s “Quiet Corner” Community So Appealing?

Visitors to Union, CT may find the peace and quiet different from larger urban communities in CT, but will truly appreciate the simplicity that life can be.  Union, CT has an abundance of trees, water, rolling hills, and parks, which lend to the town’s tranquility.  One-third of the area of Union is state park and forestland, which means residents of Union, CT properties, can enjoy activities like hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fishing, boating and hunting.  The park spaces include Bigelow Hollow State Park, Nipmuck State Forest (8,000 acres) and Mountain Laurel Sanctuary.  With all the fantastic natural space, Union is also a great place to go birding and viewing wildlife (from afar) like bald eagles, bobcats, moose, fishers, black bear, deer, coyote and osprey.  Mashapaug Lake can also be found in Union.  The large, natural lake features rocky shores, deep coves, white pine woods and hemlock, which visitors or residents can just sit back and enjoy for an entire day.

Industry and Services in Union, CT

Union’s primary industry is forestry.  One-fifth of the town’s area is occupied by The Yale School of Forestry.  While there are no banks and post offices, there is still a town office building, highway garage, free public library, “Pavilion in the Grove” and charming white church across from the Town Green.  Families moving to Union, CT with school-age children will be able to enroll them at the Union Elementary School (k-8) and then can attend the high school in Stafford. 

Real Estate in Union, CT – the Tranquility is Waiting for You

After you realize that the simple joys of life can be all yours by moving to Union, CT, you will wonder why you didn’t move sooner.  Starting a home search in Union can be stressful when trying to narrow down the homes that meet your needs, but searching with experienced Union, CT REALTORS® can make the process easier.  Contact us, Elaine and Tom Burns, for all your Union, CT real estate needs.  We will provide you with the utmost in great service and will work to find you the home of your dreams.  We are also available to help you sell your current home, so you can find the Union home you desire.  Give us a call or click today.

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